Frequently Asked Questions

What are forex signals?

Forex signals are suggestions for entering forex transactions on currency pairs at a specific moment in time. These suggestions should provide entry, exit, & stop loss figures for each trade. At ForexSignalsFactory, we provides supporting analysis for the signals we generate, as a way to educate our audience. Due to the time sensitive nature of signals, we at ForexSignalsFactory usually communicated them via email, website, tweet, & soon through our live ForexSignalsFactory App.

How are forex signals generated?

The forex signals generated by ForexSignalsFactory are based on technical, fundamental, price action, and event analysis conducted by our analysts. They are custom made and not automatically generated.

ForexSignalsFactory signals are categorized in free short & and premium long-term signals – What does this categorization mean for the visitors of our site?

Free short-term signals – Our free signals are generated daily and they represent short term price action resulting in 20-50 pip movements. These signals are suitable for scalpers and day traders, or even those traders looking to exploit an intraday opportunity.  Our analysts consider daily events, technical analysis, and watch closely price action indicators in order to make the best use of any market action.

Premium long-term signals – Our premium signals are generated less frequently than our short-term signals.  These signals represent price movements of more than 70 pips, and they are suitable for traders looking to exploit larger price movements, while optimizing the risk-reward ratio.  Our analysts consider daily price action, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and watch closely the daily events in order to optimize any active open long-term signals.

How to make use of ForexSignalsFactory signals?

Once we publish a new signal, or we notify you about a new signal generated, all you have to do is to follow the signal.  By follow the signal we mean, open a BUY/SELL position, and input Stop-Loss/Take-Profit. Positions will be closed automatically once SL/TP price is hit.

How to evaluate ForexSignalsFactory signals?

We are a young company but among the members of the team we have years of experience analyzing and trading the currency markets. Nevertheless, no matter how much we praise our signals, and post continuous updates & charts reflecting signal performance, our visitors and clients will be the ones to judge the success rate of our analysis.

Reviews & Forecasts

Review & Forecasts represent our homework.  All our signals are based on market analysis of past and future events. On our site, under Reviews & Forecasts, you will find analysis of daily, weekly, & monthly events.

Market Reviews – These reviews are a way for us to summarize the past events and their impact on markets. Our market reviews are a way for us to document our work and check on our past performance. Our visitors will find our reviews helpful in understanding market dynamics.

Market Forecasts – Our forecasts represent our analysis and opinions on market direction based on expectations and potential outcome of future events. The analysis we post is easy to read and understand from anyone, beginner or experienced. Forecasts will help you manage risk and improve trading performance.

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